Is Home Schooling a Good Option to Public Schools?

In home schooling, also known as homeschooling or unschooling, is pretty much just what it sounds like: A school based in the home where the parents guide the children through their homeschooling curriculum.Homeschooling is perfectly legal in most countries and is most widely practiced in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the United Kingdom, and France. It is wise to check with local educational authorities for specific requirements and regulations in your area before removing your student from public school.Each child is unique and in home schooling gives parents the ability and freedom to educationally cater to the homeschoolers unique interests, abilities, learning styles and attitudes, while also being able to bond and remain in the position of most important role model in the lives of their children.One of the greatest weaknesses of institutionalized education is that the structure simply cannot accommodate the needs and interests of the individual students, leaving some behind while thwarting the learning capacity of others. This is the area where homeschooling truly shines.But, that’s not the only reason to consider homeschooling for your children. There are many other benefits as well and here is a short list to highlight some of them:- There is no reason to force your children to wake up to an artificially set schedule and hustle them off to school. The daily routine can be relaxed and at your pace and time.- As the parent, you know your children best, and can act according to your insights into what is best for them.- You are able to custom tailor the curriculum and activities to capitalize on your children’s natural interests and their individual needs.- You can pay special attention to a particular subject that your child might be struggling with. Since there are no fixed schedules or rigid study patterns to follow you can flow with the individual’s comfort level, pace, interests, and abilities.- You are able to maintain being the main influence over your children, and be a positive, involved and active role model.- You will gain considerable quality time with your family, a commodity that can never be replaced. This serves to bring family units closer and helps keep the children more bonded to the family which is even more important as they move toward their teen years.- In home schooling helps to insulate your children from the negative influences and forces that are so readily seen in public school settings.- Children flourish in an environment without the competitive nature found in schools.- You can impart your own religious teaching and moral standards without concern for the belittling and derision that is more and more part of the public school experience.In addition to those listed above, most families also have their own particular reasons why they chose home schooling education over traditional schooling. Sometimes, it was the parent’s own bad experiences with public schools that leads them to this decision.In home schooling is certainly one of the best ways that you can help your children get the most out of their formative and educational years since you are in the best position to draw out the best in your child. If you have the motivation and the time and decide to pursue home schooling for your children, you doubtless will be richly rewarded.

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